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About Gypros

gypros contracting ag

As a Swiss-based EPCM firm (Engineering, Procurement &  Construction Management), Gypros Contracting AG offers General Contracting services for the gypsum industry, including advisory, design, engineering, subcontracting, site supervision, quality control, project follow-up, commissioning and after-sale services.

Our core mission and our core values are summarized in our motto and leitmotiv “Tried and True Expertise”, which refers to the excellent and reliable quality of the projects, products and services managed, engineered, and delivered by Gypros and its partners (all with a proven and reputable business and industry experience, both in general as specifically in the gypsum sector).

Tried and True Expertise” are also the keywords that guide our business vision. Gypros started rendering its general contracting services for the gypsum industry from its Zug-based offices in 2019 (Due to Covid-19, operations really started in 2021). During our first years of operations, we executed projects in Switzerland, Turkey, Argelia, Ukraine, and India (both for leading multinationals as well as local companies) and became a fast-growing player on the market. Presently new projects are under study for clients in Morocco and Saudi Arabia.  In the coming years, our business plan also includes further diversification to other industries and from other locations.

Gypros Contracting AG is well aware that our clients invest considerable capital in their projects and require exceptional quality and results. The choice of the right contractor is therefore as important as the reliability of the selected equipment. For this reason, customer delight is our main focus, and our clients’ plans, dreams, concerns, and challenges are also ours!

In conclusion, if you need a quality-minded and cost-effective general contractor, your best choice is the “Tried and true Expertise” of Gypros Contracting AG!


Rafael Stroobants

Managing Director